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First Trailer Released!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

El Empantanado (The Muddy) has released its first theatrical trailer. Edited by Hache Rodriguez and produced by Maggie Drayton and Proyeccion Films, this trailer gives you a sneak peek at the psychological thriller, set to hit festivals in 2021.

There's no other film like this

“The Muddy was conceived as a modern day, nuanced homage to some of our favorite 70's directors. It features strong, dynamic Latin-American leads, uniquely blends Colombian culture with the American swamp, and takes you on a wild ride through the tormented psyche of and escaped kidnap victim. There's no other film like this. You will want to watch again.”

El Empantanado (The Muddy) was the awardee of a Proimagines FDC post production grant and was selected as one of ten participants in the Independent Filmmaker Project Labs in 2012. This narrative feature was also one of the first commercially viable films to come out of the University of Miami M.F.A program and was a true collaborative effort across all sectors of its alma mater.

Starring major talent from Colombia, USA, and Spain

MIAMI (October 17, 2020) – El Empantanado stars Diego Cadavid (THE SNITCH CARTEL) & (La ronca de oro), Mark Schardan (Las pequeñas cosas) & (LOST IN THE WEST), Paola Mendoza (SANGRE DE MI SANGRE) & (ENTRE NOS), and Jeanine Mason (GREY'S ANATOMY) & (ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO). The film is written and directed by Felipe Echavarria, who will make his narrative feature debut with this film #operaprima.

El Empantanado is the true underdog success story

“This muddy film crew has risen above every obstacle from car accidents, amnesia, food poisoning, jelly fish swarms, sinking boats, multiple hurricanes, pandemics, breakup and makeups.”

The premier will be worth going to just for the Q&A. El Empantanado (The Muddy) earns its messy title, even though you wouldn't know by the look of the polished final project. Producer, Maggie Drayton, is known to have a whole room in stitches as she tells anecdotes of evacuating their island film set for an approaching hurricane. Her only regret was that she didn't have a BTS crew following the three year production and seven year post production.

"I never thought this film would be finished, and to be honest releasing the film in the romantic hell-scape of 2020 seems entirely appropriate," says Drayton, "See you there!"

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